Life-Saving Maximum Security
Arm-A-Dor secure panic hardware offers 24-hour protection, keeping intruders out while providing life-saving security from within. Developed for retail backdoor security by retail industry construction experts, Arm-A-Dor has many commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Arm-A-Dor secure panic hardware is actiually three products in one:

  • Locking bar protection for security from the outside
  • Built-in alarm to protect against inside theft
  • Panic Device Operation - Life Safety Compliance

Designed as a security system for service and emergency exits, Arm-A-Dor is for exit-only doors and cannot be unlocked from the outside. It was developed by Sargent & Greenleaf, a world leader in locks and security mechanisms since 1857. Our impressive list of customers rely on the peace of mind that Arm-A-Dor supplies: Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Circuit City, Sam's Club and many more...

Arm-A-Dor provides superior safety and security for its users. Your facility will be secured against back door break-ins with a product designed not only to lock your facility, but strengthen your door system.

This protection is provided at the same time that life safety is secured. Arm-A-Dor allows you to exit through the back door, even when fully locked, by simply pushing against the product push panel.

Arm-A-Dor helps save money by reducing replacement of drop bars, and by reducing theft out the back door of your operation (Arm-A-Dor's alarm features can also help reduce internal theft out the back door). Arm-A-Dor does more than provide superior security - it maximizes life safety, as well.

Arm-A-Dor provides not only life safety and security benefits - it is a cost-effective security solution. You'll never replace a drop bar again. Arm-A-Dor's Nuisance Alarm and Tamper features will help you reduce theft out the back door. You will also face fewer scheduled service and replacement calls with Arm-A-Dor than with other alternatives.

Your operation, and employees, safer. Your security costs, controlled, and calculable. Arm-A-Dor makes it all possible.

  • Provides 24 Hr. Security Protection
  • Meets Life Safety Codes
  • 5 Year Warranty

Arm-A-Dor panic hardware also enjoys the following Features and Benefits:


  • Deadbolt locking bar members extend 1 1/2" over frame on each side
  • Automatic or manual relocking models
  • Alarm operated with a variety of standard or interchangeable core mortise cylinder
  • Compatible with existing BEST key systems
  • Optional remote switch operates timed delay egress systems with cameras or other alarms
  • Compatible with time delay access products

Code Conformance

  • UL LISTED — Panic and Fire Exit Hardware. UL10C, UBC 7-2, and UL305
  • Hurricane Devices — Miami-Dade County Product Control Division has approved Arm-A-Dor ® Series A100-INS
  • Conforms to NFPA 101, ICC A117.1 section 404.2.6

Alarmed Models

  • Battery operated - approx. 1 yr. life; two 9V batteries included
  • Low battery audible warning signal
  • Loud alarm, 2 piezo horns; 95 db @ 10ft.
  • Tamper Alarm
  • Nuisance Alarm
  • Optional AC adapter with battery back-up
  • Re-arm reminder feature


  • Retrofit or new construction work
  • One size fits doors 36" to 48" wide
  • No special door preparation
  • Works on any door and frame
  • Non-handed
  • Shipped with all required hardware for standard single door applications
  • Double-door applications work on fixed or removable center mullions, or without mullions

Mechanical Efficiency and Durability

  • Roller design deadbolt means reduced friction and wear
  • Touch-bar operates with straight push-through motion
  • Weather and water resistant

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