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All Precision Hardware Instructions are available to view, print, download and save from our website.  All Instructions are created as PDF's (Portable Document Files) and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, print, download and save this information.  All documentation was created using Acrobat 7.0.  You can download and install a free copy of Acrobat Reader
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Caution: Make sure you are downloading the correct Electrical Product  Instructions.  This section is for the NEW Products.  For Previous Electrical Product Instructions see the Archives section.



Electrical Products Installation Instructions

Drawing Date Revision File Size
 E2103 - Electric Trim Lock
 Rim: FS/FSE Conversion
01966-11-000 06/10/03 A 307 kb
 E2303 - Electric Trim Lock
 Mortise: FS/FSE Conversion
02203-11-000 06/18/04 A 189 kb
 Electric Trim Lock/Unlock Wiring 01853-11-000 05/05/03 A 120 kb
 Mortise Lock - Wiring Instructions 02396-11-000 05/20/04 A 120 kb
 Door Position Switch with Alarm Kit 02345-11-000 10/29/03 A 205 kb
 Door Position Monitoring Switch 01949-11-000 01/13/04 B 127 kb
 Exit Alarm Series (ALK or ALW) 01639-11-000 04/01/04 D 482 kb
 Touchbar Monitoring Switch
 Wiring Details (TS or TDS)
01851-11-000 06/11/03 C 564 kb
 Latchbolt Monitoring Switch
 Wiring Details (LS or LDS)
01852-11-000 06/11/03 B 134 kb
 Electric Latch Retraction
 Wiring Details (ELR)
01924-11-000 06/10/03 A 117 kb
 Power Supply - ELR 150 02132-11-000 03/15/09 E 113 kb
 Control Module  - CM-150-08 02131-11-000 06/30/03 A 610 kb
 Battery Back-up Module - BT-150-07 02202-11-000 12/30/03 B 306 kb
 Delayed Egress Door & Frame
 Installation (DE-template)
02187-11-000 07/16/03 A 94 kb
 Delayed Egress Installation
 Instructions (DE - Manual)
01844-11-000 05/01/09 G 1,040 kb
 PS160-6 Power Supply (2 amp) 02140-11-000 03/25/09 D 202 kb
 Power Transfer - EPT-5 01948-11-000 08/14/09 F 436 kb


Electrical Product Conversion Kits

Drawing Date Revision File Size
 E2103K - Electric Trim Lock
 Rim: Field Conversion Kit
01850-11-000 06/10/03 C 751 kb
 Touchbar Monitoring Conversion
 Kit (TS or TDS)
01843-11-000 02/11/08 D 3,369 kb
 Latchbolt Monitoring Conversion
 Kit - Rim (LS or LDS)
01849-11-000 06/09/04 B 647 kb
 Latchbolt Monitoring Conversion
 Kit - Verticals (LS or LDS)
01946-11-000 06/09/04 B 673 kb
 ELR Conversion Kit 01865-11-000 07/31/03 B 1,169 kb
 Q Option Upgrade Kit Q Upgrade Kit - - 979 kb


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