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The Quest for Precision

PRECISION was born from one man's vision for a high-quality product that could be consistently produced again and again—with a precision that ensured both performance and reliability. Now, more than seven decades later, PRECISION Hardware has been producing innovative and well-designed door hardware to help you protect the buildings, people and property that are important to you.



In 1946, John J. Keyes started PRECISION Hardware.

Keyes was already established in the industry, having worked several years for the Sargent Lock Company. He'd recently moved home to Michigan to be close to family and decided to use his experience and expertise to launch his own company. At its first Detroit facility located around the corner from Henry Ford's Rouge manufacturing complex, PRECISION's foundry began producing push-pull handles before migrating into exit devices—the door hardware that would eventually become the business' stronghold.


In the 1990s, as PRECISION grew, the family-owned company relocated from Detroit to near Ann Arbor.

Keyes, a strong advocate of product knowledge, was known to walk around the manufacturing plant, stopping at various stations to ask employees what they were working on and how that particular component made for a better overall product. Always preaching quality, Keyes ensured that PRECISION products were well-built, smartly designed and functionally innovative—ultimately living up to the name he gave them.

Keyes' nephew, Larry Williams, helmed the business after his uncle retired. In 2005, STANLEY Black and Decker acquired PRECISION and the company relocated to STANLEY's Indianapolis headquarters in 2006.


Today, as part of the dormakaba family,

Keyes' vision is still evident as PRECISION panic and fire exit devices are well-known for the strength, durability and performance they offer—every time.

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