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Solutions For Every Market

From cast construction to electronic latch retraction, PRECISION products are packed with features that promise durability and performance.

As part of the dormakaba family of brands, PRECISION offers panic and fire exit hardware that can be custom-configured for every application, in virtually every market. Our comprehensive portfolio of products has been tested to the highest industry standards—with every product offering a number of options for enhanced style, security and strength.

Regardless of the type of facility or opening, PRECISION products are designed to be:



Withstanding high levels of use for a very long time


Easy to maintain

Supporting those who service the hardware



Protecting the people and possessions inside your building


PRECISION products represent the top security products in the United States and have been a standard in government markets for more than 70 years.
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Moving quickly throughout a facility, while ensuring the safety of patients, is a critical component of providing security for any healthcare environment.
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Whether you need to secure the building perimeter, interior private spaces or common areas, PRECISION has what you need to ensure the safety and code compliance of your property.
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In the school sector, security and budget are top priorities. PRECISION can help you achieve both—without sacrificing one for the other.
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Protecting inventory and preventing theft are the top security concerns for retail facilities today.
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