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Security with a Focus on Loss Prevention

Protecting inventory and preventing theft are the top security concerns for retail facilities today.

A solution, particularly on rear-door applications, must deter against loss prevention while ensuring easy egress in the event of an emergency. PRECISION's proven exit device solutions—led by the Arm-A-Dor Series and the D-4990 Series—provide code-compliant egress while helping to minimize inventory shrinkage.



With PRECISION as part of the dormakaba family of brands, we can build a total solution offering that includes PRECISION exit devices, BEST locks, and STANLEY door closers and hinges.

Best of all, it's simple to place an order and get it installed—one order, delivered together, right when you need it.



True Architectural Finishes

A true architectural finish—chrome plating over brass for each exterior component, not just a color match—is applied to all Apex and Olympian PRECISION hardware. These finishes help our devices resist rust, corrosion and salty air over the full life of the product. Not only do these finishes provide a consistent aesthetic look throughout a building, but they also ensure longer-lasting quality.


Motorized Latch Retraction

Motorized Latch Retraction is an ideal solution for hospitals, schools, museums, libraries, and other facilities where reduced operational noise and increased flexibility matter. In addition to the high-quality standards you expect from all PRECISION exit devices, MLR exits also offer:

  • Less noise
  • Low current requirements
  • Longer wire runs
  • More flexibility
  • Quieter performance
  • Seamless integration and interaction
  • Reduced maintenance

The MLR feature can be interfaced with automatic door operators, card readers, push buttons, toggle/key switches and fire alarm systems.



Cast Construction

Unlike other exit devices, the APEX 2000 Series is made of heavy-duty cast construction to provide maximum strength and durability. With an investment cast steel chassis, you can be assured that PRECISION exit devices protect against forced entry and reduce the risk of bending. And with few moving components, our devices have limited failure and longer life. Trust PRECISION's solid reputation for strength and durability.




Secure your environment against the unseen world of bacteria and other microbes. Our UltraShield coating inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microbes on the surface of the hardware. Incorporating a naturally occurring silver ion exchange that creates a sanitary surface, UltraShield provides long-lasting product protection that is on guard 24/7.


10 Million Operational Cycles

The APEX 2000 Series has proven itself to be one of the most durable exit devices on the market. In an independent UL test, the Apex 2000 was tested to 10 million cycles—far exceeding minimum 500,000 cycles required by Grade 1 standards. With each incremental millionth cycle, a test audit was performed by an authorized UL inspector to confirm it maintained the necessary loaded and unloaded operational force requirements as defi¬ned in the ANSI/BHMA 156.3 Grade 1 test procedures.

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